Chinese New Year 2019

各 friends 2019 豬年大利!
Happy Chinese New Year !! A great BIG year! (^_^)/

Merry Christmas 2017

Happy X'mas and New Years!
2019 are coming so soon.. 
What a great challenge year.

Chinese New Year 2018

祝各 friends 2018 狗年旺財 (^_^)/
Happy Chinese New Year !! & Have a great new start !

LOOP to say Hi! 2018!

Hey! YO HO!
Happy New Year 2018 to all my friends!!

Merry Christmas 2017

Let's the music start! Happy X'mas and New Years!
Enjoy a new band "ice-cream head" for all of my friends (^_^)/.

Chinese New year 2017

My new artwork for 2017 chinese new year,
and hope all of you " 雞大歡喜"

ROBOCON ロボコン!! Final

Here are the final ver of Robocon artwork for Super Hero-Art, enjoy!

click below for closeup

MONSTER Comic 02

Above is another poster for "Monster" comic.
The character standing on top of the machine name "Polar 太保".
Polar not only join the monster show in episode 25
but also plant many black mushroom in Monster land.


MONSTER Comic 01

That's my comic artwork "MONSTER" which published in 2006.
It about two creature, MON & STER, friendship in monster world.
The purple with ox horn one name "Mon 阿蒙"
and The green with white helmet one name "Ster 史達".
So, the comic name MONSTER...  ho ho ho.

ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 (final)

Here are the final version of ゲゲゲの鬼太郎. enjoy!

Vintage Ranger 02

Vintage Ranger 01


A Gatchaman with causal hat and lightweight uniform.

武道狂之詩 Blood and Steel Graphic Novel coming soon!


夢馬工作室 、東立出版社攜手出版,  狼派武俠漫畫《武道狂之詩》
由喬靖夫親自監修,「夢馬工 作室」創作總監葉偉青主筆,及資深動
漫導演袁建滔改編劇本漫 畫版《武道狂之詩》,創刊號鐵定於四月十五日出版,而東立漫畫雜誌《新少年》雙週將搶先連載一至三回,讓讀友們先睹為快!! 
"The first in a series of graphic novels based on celebrated Hong Kong author Jozev’s best-selling series of martial arts novels Blood and Steel will debut on 15 April 2011. The graphic novels will be released by Unicorn Studios and Tong Li Publishihing Group. The Graphic novels are created and produced by Unicorn Studios. They were adapted from the original novels by Toe Yuen, a veteran animation director, in consultation with Jozev. The entire project is under the creative direction of Unicorn Studios’ creative chief, Felix Ip, formerly creative director of Imagi Studios. Tong Li Publishing Group, will handle publishing and distribution."

ROBOCON ロボコン!! 08

A master robot in ROBOCON!

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