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Snack Party

1840 ARTBOOK!!

This is the illustration collection of my former Creative and Art Team at imagi.
These are all our personal work. We have idea to make one art book together
long time ago, but everyone was busy and keep delaying the plan... I glad
that it finally finish it. This book means a lot to us, as when this book released,
imagi has shut down already, this art book become the 1st and also the last one.
Good memeory for all of us.

CnA Artists: Cathy, Cherie, Canny, DimSum, Fai Chan, Felix Ip, Harley-Ho, Jack lee, J.Lo, Joshna, LinZheng, ManKit, Otto Li, PureHay, Sang Lau, Shing, Tat, Teresa, Vin Bean. I pick some of the works to share here first.

1840 artbook arrived!!

So exciting that 1840 artbook are ready to go which gather different artworks from
me and my post workmate artists. It is so memorable artbook for us.

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